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Cinta Indo Details Reviews Access Numbers Call Rates


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Product Details

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1300 369 888

Calls charged in 5 mins block with a min charge of 2 mins.

Calls charged in 5 mins block with a min charge of 2 mins.

1800 988 688


1300 855 233


3 months from the first use

Product Description

New Card to Indonesia

0.9c/minute to Jakarta
5.9c/minute to Indonesia Other Cities
and 7.9c/minute to Indonesia Mobile

How to Use Cinta Indo

1. Dial the local access number
2. Enter your Card number and press hash(#)
3. Next, dial the Destination number
   Overseas calls: 0011 + country code+ area code + local number + [ # ]
   STD calls: area code + local number + [ # ]
4. When you're finished calling, just hang up, or press #0# to make another call

Cinta Indo Terms of Use

Prices are subject to international carrier rates and may change without notice.
Calls charged in 5 minute block with a minimum charge of 2 minute.
25c disconnection fee of calls exceed 5 minutes.
Final charges rounded up to next 5c.
USA rate exclude Hawaii & Alaska
Higher rates may apply to special/premium service calls or calls to mobile phone in some destinations or may be blocked.
Credit expires in 3 months from the first use or last recharge for $10.00 card.


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