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"I'm juz a optus user for so long time. This is so glad to get a better price recharged card without go out n get the cold, without long queue, and goo [...]" - Song Lua

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Product Details

3 stars 3 stars 3 stars

1300 366 832 (Mon-Fri 9.30 am-5.30 pm)

Multiple mins block to China
2 mins block to India, and 3 mins block to others

1800 688 432


1300 190 753


Flat Rate 24 hours

6 months (3 months for $10.00 card) after first use

How to Use Fantastic

1. Dial the local access phone number from your city
2. Follow the voice instructions to select a language
3. Enter your Account No and followed by #
4. Enter your Password and followed by #
5. Press 1 to make a call

NOTE: For international calls dial 0011 + country code + area code + phone number

To make another call, press *0 or simply hang up.
Press 2 to redial.
Press 9 to check credit.
Press 5 for Customer Service.

Fantastic Terms of Use

Rates are subjected to change without notice. Minutes block and post connection fee may apply. 5c service fee apply upon first activation. Rates calling to overseas mobile differ unless otherwise stated. Rates calling to UK Premium 44-5/44-7/44-8 are higher. Rates calling to USA Anchorage & Hawaii are higher. Terms and conditions applies for the use of the Fantastic Card.
For more details of the rate, please call 1300 366 832. Surcharge of 18c per minute applies when dial to 1300/1800 number. Access to 1800 number rate differ.


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