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Product Details

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1300 652 184

1800 999 988


1300 855 233



Flat Rate 24/7

3 months from first use

Product Description

Best card to China - 0.9c/min to all China Cities and Mobile.

How to Use Hello China

1. Dial an access number. Note: Mobile phone providers charge mobile rates to access these numbers
2. Select Language
3. Enter the PIN followed by "`#`" key
4. Enter the phone number you wish to call followed by # key
- National: area code + phone number + # key
- International: 0011 + country code + area code + phone number + # key

Handy Features:
Press " * " to go back to previous menu
Press " #0# " to make another call

Hello China Terms of Use

The rates quoted are the per minute rates for calculating call charges. Rates include GST and are current as at 01/04/2009.
The total call charge will be affected by the following:
- Rates are subject to international carrier rates and may change without notice.
- Service fee of 6 cents is charged on the day when the phone card is first used and daily thereafter.
- Calls are charged in 1 minute blocks, minimum of 5 minutes charge per call.
- Final call charges rounded up to the nearest 5 cents.
- A disconnection fee of 8 cents applies for every call greater than 5 minutes.
- Higher charges will apply to operator assisted calls, calls to satellite phones and calls to special or premium services.
- Calls to nationwide 1300 access numbers incur an additional per minute surcharge of 15 cents for calls from landline phones & additional charges will apply for calls to nationwide 1300 access numbers made from mobiles & pay phones. Calls to 1800 access numbers incur 20 cents per minute surcharge. - Higher charges may apply for calls to mobile phone in some destinations.
- Calls to satellite phones and fax services may be blocked Calls to special or premium services may be blocked. The advertised rates are only applicable for calls made on the Hello Asia Pacific phone card. USA rate does not apply to Hawaii and Alaska. Local or mobile phone charges will apply, and are billed by your phone carrier. All fees are applied at the end of the call. The $10 card has a validity of 3 months from first use. Please check the rate table that some countries have additional connection fee. For regular updates of our products and services, full terms and conditions and a list of current rates, fees and charges for all countries you can call on the Hello Asia card please contact our Customer Service Centre on 1300 652 184.


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