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Easy Dial for Sunshine Card By CheapCard Admin | Back to List


Date: 20 Aug 2012

1World Telecom has implemented easy dial from Mobile phone.
The procedure are as follows:

1. The customer call in to our normal access no, enter the pin and call using their mobile

2.  Once they have done that , their mobile is auto register with the pin

3.  If they keep calling one particular no, system will send them an sms : for easy calling to 62-xxxx xxxx, please save and dial 0390100560

4. Once they have done that, the next time that they call, they just need to dial 0390100560 and it will automatically call to 62-xxxx xxxx using their pin

5. When they have finished using the cards, they buy another new card and the IDD speed dial no stay with them. if they don’t want to use that, they can still do the normal process. The new feature does not incur any surcharge.

It will save you a lot of time without entering the PIN and the destination number.

Try it out if you receive an SMS notification in the future.


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