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"Thank you for your reply. Yes, I'll do that next time. I'm very happy with your quick actions. You guys are the greatest! Have a good day! :) Davi [...]" - David

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Returns & Refunds


The Card producst refers to calling cards, mobile recharge cards, entertainment cards and game recharge cards.

If the pin number you have received is an invalid one or you did not receive a pin number*, please email us at support@cheapcard.com.au. We will make every attempt to provide the best customer service possible.

No refunds or exchanges will be accepted. We will not issue any new pin numbers for any reasons other than missing or invalid pin number on purchase. A period of 24 hrs (minimum) will be required to investigate such claims. All sales are final and you are 100% responsible for every purchase. No refund or replacement is provided for lost, stolen or expired cards, unauthorised usage or should a phone card provider cease trading.

We are not responsible for the invalid rate stated. It is advisable that you confirm the rate with the customer service of the card before you place an order.

Compensation for missing or invalid pin numbers will not be made in the form of cash. Compensation will only occur in the replacement of telephone / mobile card pin numbers via a valid email address.

*Due to some reason, your delivery email may ended up in your junk mail folder. Please make attempt to check your junk mail folder before inquiry about lost email for delivery.


The Non-Cards Product refers to Mobile Prepaid Starter Kit, and Game Box.

Please choose carefully as there will be no refund or exchange for these type of product. Please make sure you have entered the right shipping address, CheapCard will not responsible for any liability including package losses due to this error. If the order is being sent back due to lack of data, any excess fee will be customer responsibilty to bear.


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