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"Thanks very much for your prompt action & resolution. I certainly intend to use CheapCard in the future because of your great service." - Tony

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Ms Showout, Gamer - 26/08/2015

Great site, speedy delivery. Thank you!!!

DV8, Top - 26/08/2015

Cheap and fast. 5 stars

Sam, R4 - 25/08/2015

Once again you delivered in express time. Keep it up chaps!

KiTTy, Gamer - 26/08/2015

Thank you :) Wow, I just ordered and got my delivery within 10 minutes - got inferno done with time to spare too!! Thanks guys, I'll be back.

Josh, gamer - 25/08/2015

Great Site! Very fast delivery, Will do business again!

Okodnah Idub, Co-Founder - 24/08/2015

We are excited to launch this website to cater for GOW fans who like to get extra items in-game!

Woody RoundUp, Founder - 01/09/2014

This online shopping site is dedicated for Bitcoin lovers who want to buy game cards / game gold. Feedback is welcome.

Varun S, VIC - 01/12/2013

Thank you Gabrielle. I must say I am pretty impressed with your customer service. Top class compared to other mainstream telecom/mobile service providers. Keep it up.

Suzi W, NSW - 01/08/2013

I urgently need to make an overseas call at night time and I don't have any international calling card handy. One of my friend refer me to purchase it online thru www.cheapcard.com.au. I am extremely satisfied with all the options available, best price, simple and safe procedure in payment and speedy delivery my Sunshine calling card details to my email. Definitely will do transaction again with Cheapcard.

Venkat Iyer, NSW - 02/01/2011

I am extremely pleased with the service you are providing. I have used CheapCard for over an year now and the speed and quality of your service is amazing.
I can't believe that email requests and orders are processed within seconds of being placed.
I am happy to be quoted as a happy customer.

Hani Oktaviani, NSW - 20/04/2009

Buying mobile recharge without leaving home! awesome!
Fast service. Will definitely back again!
Thank you guys! 

Hitesh Gangtani, VIC - 16/06/2008

You have an excellent and fast service. This is the first time that I have gone through something really fast purchase. I should have known this website before. Anyway Good luck and keep it real and pumping! I give your site 10/10

Jack O'Donnel, VIC - 30/12/2007

Delivery is always quick and it's easy because I can pay with Internet banking from my house, it's even better because I can't buy Rakion Prepaid in Rural Victoria (Australia) It really rocks, thanks guys!

Shafi Ansari, TAS - 30/04/2007

Hi Cheapcard Team,

Outstanding service, I would like to thank you for taking your service to another level by allowing instant approval on Paypal.  I must say your service has always been spectacular and I am more than happy to use it and recommend it as well.

Keep up the good work. 

V. Hatzimihail, NT - 24/07/2006

I would like to thank you for your great communication and support these past months. Your prices are unbeatable and your support is top of the line. Thank you for such great communication with your customers, and I hope to continue buying from you..

Song Lua, TAS - 10/04/2006

I'm juz a optus user for so long time. This is so glad to get a better price recharged card without go out n get the cold, without long queue, and good price!! :D:D Thanks cheapcard! 

Widya, NSW - 10/01/2006


I'd like to say that I'm very happy with my first purchase with cheapcard.com.au.

I used to buy phone cards from newsagency but when I moved to a smaller city I found out no shops selling phone card I usually use to call home!

I heard about buying phone card online so I searched Google but again not many online shop sells the card I'm looking for. Then I came across cheapcard.com.au and it has the card I was looking for! 
I played with the SmartPick and found a better and cheaper card to call home so I ordered one. I paid with PayPal and the card PIN number arrived within 3 minutes in my mobile phone. I was very happy with it because most other online phone card shop insists on sending the details through mail for first time user (which means you have to wait for few days).

The card I bought has the same good quality and much cheaper rates than the one I usually use. I'm very delighted. I'm definitely using cheapcard.com.au to get my future supply of phone cards (yes, I use them a lot!).

Thanks again for a great website.

Baylee, - 18/08/2005


I am just letting you know that you guys are the best ever!! I have been looking for a website for ages that you can just directly pay in via Internet Banking and receive a PIN by email. You are the only website I have found that does this!! I paid and received my PIN within 10 minutes which was great as I could not get a prepaid card anywhere after 5.30 PM at where I live!!

Thank you so much, you guys are the best!!

Kelvin, VIC - 05/08/2005

I was sceptical at first just like everyone else BUT I took a step of trust in purchasing the calling cards online. The response was fast and you have made a believer in me. Thanks for the convenience. Cheers!

Andryan, VIC - 02/08/2005

 Only one word for this testimonial.. excellent!!!

Rani, QLD - 13/12/2004

After speaking with you and actually transfering the money from my bank account to yours, I got the approval straight away! I am impressed with the speed and certainly very pleased with it.
This system of card is working very good for me and I am happy with the support you've just given me.
I look forward to doing more transactions with your company.
Have a great season's time and Christmas!

Kelvin, SA - 03/07/2005

I must admit I have not used your customer service before this but am impressed. Most other net-based companies take forever to respond, if at all...

David, TAS - 20/05/2005

Thank you for your reply. Yes, I'll do that next time.
I'm very happy with your quick actions. You guys are the greatest! Have a good day! :)

Tony, - 17/07/2005

Thanks very much for your prompt action & resolution. I certainly intend to use CheapCard in the future because of your great service.

Llew, QLD - 18/04/2005

Once again , many thanks for your invaluable help
I did get in touch and they were imediately able to activate the card again - with a credit balance as I suspected - not quite sure why it was expired in the first place.
I am very impressed with your help and will point any inquiries to this fantastic service to you in future.
Many Regards & Thanks

Januar, NSW - 30/03/2005

Thanks for a prompt replay.
Great service!
Love your website too.

Heath, VIC - 22/02/2005

Thank you for doing it so quickly I am gonna buy another 2 cards now because i have trust in your company for solving the problem and will continue to use your services in the future.


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