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All prices are in AUD

Call Rates

Country Destination Call Rate Connection Note
American Samoa Mobile 3.350 c/min
American Samoa National 3.350 c/min
Bangladesh Mobile 3.300 c/min
Bangladesh National 3.300 c/min
Canada Mobile 1.000 c/min
Canada National 1.000 c/min
Fiji Mobile 21.739 c/min
Fiji National 21.739 c/min
France Mobile 3.333 c/min
France National 1.000 c/min
Germany Mobile 3.333 c/min
Germany National 1.000 c/min
Greece Mobile 3.333 c/min
Greece National 1.667 c/min
India Mobile 1.802 c/min
India National 1.802 c/min
Italy Mobile 5.000 c/min
Italy National 1.429 c/min
Macedonia Mobile 11.111 c/min
Macedonia National 37.037 c/min
Myanmar Mobile 27.778 c/min
Myanmar National 27.778 c/min
Nepal Mobile 11.111 c/min
Nepal National 11.111 c/min
New Caledonia Mobile 16.129 c/min
New Caledonia National 16.129 c/min
Pakistan Mobile 11.111 c/min
Pakistan National 11.111 c/min
Philippines Mobile 11.765 c/min
Philippines National 11.765 c/min
Russia Mobile 4.950 c/min
Russia National 4.950 c/min
Samoa Mobile 50.000 c/min
Samoa National 50.000 c/min
Sri Lanka Mobile 12.500 c/min
Sri Lanka National 12.500 c/min
Tonga Mobile 38.462 c/min
Tonga National 38.462 c/min
United Kingdom Mobile 2.500 c/min
United Kingdom National 1.000 c/min
United States of America Mobile 1.000 c/min
United States of America National 1.000 c/min
Vietnam Mobile 8.621 c/min
Vietnam National 8.621 c/min

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